Jak Lewis

Jak Lewis – Never Stops, Buy Now

Never Stops was written back in 2017, and has grown into something incredible, with so much public support and so much public encouragement for future releases.

Jak has currently been working hard on the creation and promotion of his due to be released EP Childhood memories, where he hopes the EP will help those in a place he found himself in not so long ago.

Lewis has had some incredible success in his short career so far, he has performed on the likes of BBC Spotlight Southwest, Bristol stages once held by the likes of Ed Sheeran and George Ezra and not to mention opening up for Lee Nelson. So far, during the short time of his career, he has performed an impressive amount of venues in and around London, Devon, Cornwall and Bristol. Uniquely, Dartmoor Zoo, featured on BBC Spotlight Southwest with his original song Promise and being selected to the second round of The Voice with his original song Promise’.

His inspiration comes from the likes of John Mayer, The Neighbourhood, The animals and may more artists, he specifically mentioned these artists for their lyrical sound, he explains how their lyrics tell stories and how he’d love to portray that in his own work one day.

His style has always been a topic of conversation, however with this recent year, it has given Lewis the time to understand his music better and find inspiration and creative flow in the Indie-Pop genre. Which his recent song Never Stops, direction was taken in.

Overall, he isn’t the typical artist, but he is an artist to watch, he brings a refreshing change to the music scene with a new sound and a new style.

Highly anticipated, majorly requested and stuck in everyones head… this song is for the audience.

Listen to Never Stops now for sale in the store here.