NoA Nothingness TuneSick

Singer Songwriter Releases Her First EP – Nothingness – Listen Now

NoA is an Electronic producer and singer songwriter from Georgia, who has been making an experimental style of ambient music now for a few years.

Musically, what Noa Krsnik creates is comparable to the creation of painterly art, only for the ears and in the form of sound waves. Playing with the different timbres and sound designs is so fantasist. It’s hard to put an exact name or label to the type of style or genre that she performs, one thing for sure is that it will definitely be added to our chill out playlist.

The full album can be listened to here.

The album cover featured on the front was created by NoA herself, a piece commissioned specifically for digital album. We hope you enjoy!

DJ DENZ TuneSick

DJ Denz – TuneSick Select

DJ Denz has grossed over 9 million streams across his social media channels for a range of big hitting remixes that have turned him into a bit of a social media star. Just some of the mashups include a cover of J Hus, one of Chris Brown and one featuring UK Grime artist Stormzy.

His mashups and remixes has caught the eyes of many listeners, including BBC Radio – where he featured and played a live mix recently.

It’s actually staggering for any DJ to just realize even a small fraction of the total streams he has reached. It can take an artist years to build up a huge following and rake up the number of listeners into the millions. In fact, this is the case for Denz, who has spent a lot of time, hard work and dedication growing his loyal fan base and creating music that quite frankly a lot of people really enjoy playing and listening to.

According to Denz, ”I’ve been doing this for about 7 years, promoting my name, keeping motivated and doing what I love, always stay motivated and stay creative.” Indeed, this is solid advice. The interview airs this Friday on our YouTube Select Podcast series.

Jak Lewis

TuneSick Select Presents… Terra Lox & Jak Lewis

It’s almost one year since the tragic and appalling death of African American George Floyd at the hands of a white Police officer.

Whist a lot has been done to implement change there still remains a lot to do and a year on, it kind of feels like the initial buzz that was sparked has fizzled out. We want to help keep it going and what better way is there than by performing music.

On 9th April we will be hosting a live virtual stream event right here from the office. Tune in and please help support such a great cause.The fundraiser will be for 2 amazing charities that really resonate with us and have made such a big impact in driving change.

More information about them can be found here:

Jak Lewis

Up and coming Artist Jak Lewis, has been creating a stir online with his new release Never Stops.

His online support has grown massively in America and within the UK, and has shown that there is increasing support around the globe.

Lewis has had some incredible success in his short career so far, he has performed on the likes of BBC Spotlight Southwest, Bristol stages once held by the likes of Ed Sheeran and George Ezra and not to mention opening up for Lee Nelson. So far, during the short time of his career, he has performed an impressive amount of venues in and around London, Devon, Cornwall and Bristol. Uniquely, Dartmoor Zoo, featured on BBC Spotlight Southwest with his original song Promise and being selected to the second round of The Voice with the song.

His inspiration comes from the likes of John Mayer, The Neighbourhood, The animals and may more artists, he specifically mentioned these artists for their lyrical sound, he explains how their lyrics tell stories and how he’d love to portray that in his own work one day.

His style has always been a topic of conversation, however with this recent year, it has given Lewis the time to understand his music better and find inspiration and creative flow in the Indie-Pop genre. Which his recent song Never Stops, direction was taken in.

Terra Lox

The revolutionary artist Gary Prince formerly Gary Tennant AKA Prince Terralox through the streets and his music, takes you on an exciting and intimate journey of how he discovered and blossomed into the artist and musician he is today. The significance of Terra’s art and music inputs into the wider world of people and gives an elemental education which not only informs but entertains and even challenges viewers to action as a good activist should.

Prince Terralox is a true eccentric who observes the principles of Rastafarianism. Eclectic in his choice of medium to portray his ideas, he oscillates between canvas and sound much to the delight and benefit of his adherents. His work, consumed with movement and energy engages the viewer and takes one on a journey, which only he Prince Terralox is capable of conceiving.

His uplifting, engaging and inspirational songs emphasises on the Rastafarian roots, natural human rights, non violence and from slavery to liberty.

He has performed for various live events alongside UK roots singer Errol Bellot, Soundclash DJ David Rodigan, Reality Shock Records, ConsciousRadio, Flashing Lights Entertainment, his own shows, live bands and many more, throughout the UK as well as abroad.

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**We will also be revealing the name of a special guest to be added, keep tuned here for the post**.

Beast Anglia Entertainment

Nick Kelly – Beast Anglia Entertainment

We recently interviewed the founder of Beast Anglia Entertainment – Nick Kelly. The interview will be part of our Select series airing later this month.

Beast Anglia is a Rap battle events outfit. Primarily operating out of Cambridgeshire and parts of East Anglia, UK, they have been hosting battle events for a few years now and have no plans to stop anytime soon.
Obviously the Pandemic has been tough on them, just like it has on everybody else. But despite the lockdown restrictions, Nick and the BAE guys have managed to plough on and keep things going.

You want to find out how they have done this, and what is next for them this year? Keep tuned. We will also share some of the most exciting new talent emerging all over the globe, as well as what working in a pandemic means for them.

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DJ DENZ TuneSick

Introducing DJ Denz – Tunesick Select

We managed to catch him and sit down with him for an episode of Select, starting later this month. He told us about what has inspired him to do what he does and what he has planned for the year ahead. 

It’s actually staggering for any DJ to just realise even a small fraction of the total streams he has reached. His mashups and remixes has caught the eyes of many listeners, including BBC Radio – where he featured and played a live mix recently.

Look out for the episode, to be the first of the series, dropping on Friday 26th February on our YouTube channel. 

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Pretti Emage Music

Pretti Emage – Rising Talent

Pretti Emage, pronounced Pretty Image, is an American Hip hop and R&B duo originating from Clearwater, Florida (aka Wick City) formed by two sisters, Jaleesah “Mizz Attitude” Riley and Zayah “Baby Girl” Riley.

Their music, which is a blend of Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B can be streamed and purchased on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms worldwide.

We recently sat down with them to hold a virtual interview, where we learnt more about what their inspiration was behind their music and what they had planned for the year ahead.

They recently attended the GALA and as independent artists these sisters have even graced some of the biggest stages alongside mainstream performers such as 95 South, Ying Yang Twins, Dru Hill, Lloyd, Jagged Edge and K Michelle, As their musical journey continues to unfold the best is yet to come.

Look out for the interview with by our CEO coming out on our YouTube channel beginning of March.