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DJ Denz – TuneSick Select

DJ Denz has grossed over 9 million streams across his social media channels for a range of big hitting remixes that have turned him into a bit of a social media star. Just some of the mashups include a cover of J Hus, one of Chris Brown and one featuring UK Grime artist Stormzy.

His mashups and remixes has caught the eyes of many listeners, including BBC Radio – where he featured and played a live mix recently.

It’s actually staggering for any DJ to just realize even a small fraction of the total streams he has reached. It can take an artist years to build up a huge following and rake up the number of listeners into the millions. In fact, this is the case for Denz, who has spent a lot of time, hard work and dedication growing his loyal fan base and creating music that quite frankly a lot of people really enjoy playing and listening to.

According to Denz, ”I’ve been doing this for about 7 years, promoting my name, keeping motivated and doing what I love, always stay motivated and stay creative.” Indeed, this is solid advice. The interview airs this Friday on our YouTube Select Podcast series.