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Batchelor Podcast – Normal Not Allowed.

Brent Batchelor is founder and owner of Normal Not Allowed Promotions, a successful record label and media outfit based in Illinois, USA.

The label currently has numerous artists constantly releasing new tracks, as well as influencers, models and up and coming actors.

Brett, AKA Batchelor, took 15 minutes of his time to delve into his hectic schedule and share with us his thoughts on music today, how to make it big and what’s next for him. If you’re an up and coming artist then you can’t afford to miss this.

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You can listen to the podcast audio over on our channel or you can watch it on YouTube when it airs tomorrow evening.

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TuneSick Podcasts To Be Rolled Out Soon

After months of careful preparation we have finally completed the development of our new podcast app. The new app will still provide loads of songs and new music but it will be specifically tailored for podcasts, allowing users to listen to a range of shows from a wide variety of sources.

The next few months will now just involve us testing the app internally to help fix any bugs and make sure it is finally ready for release. After that is complete, we will then begin the rollout nationally.

We look forward to sharing the new features with you; to get the most of all the features we have to offer and never miss an update, follow us on our socials on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

TuneSick Select Meets… Shaadoh Session

Her album has already just been released and is available to stream now, get to know Shaadoh Session.

Born in Jacksonville Florida, Shaadoh Session is known for her subtle, delicate yet soulful tones, inspired by her mother who is a powerhouse vocalist Candee, who has also experienced the music industry while Shaadoh was just a little girl. The R&B singer began writing and singing as early as eight years old. She is managed by Risky Bizness Ent, headed by CEO Alfonsa Riley. In this interview she sat down with our CEO to discuss all things music related. Her album has already just been released and is available to stream online here.

How To Create A Music Playlist

How to create a song playlist on TuneSick on your computer / desktop PC.

  1. Click Playlist at the left hand side
  2. Click ‘Create Playlist’ at the top right hand side of the page
  3. Choose a name and add a photo and then you can start adding songs to your playlist. Whenever you see a song you like you can click on the link just above it and add it to whatever playlist you have.

You can add unlimited songs, and set your playlist to public or private, and away you go.

Jak Lewis

TuneSick Select Presents… Jak Lewis Indie Pop Artist

Up and coming Artist Jak Lewis, has been creating a stir online with his new release Never Stops.

His online support has grown massively in America and within the UK, and has shown that there is increasing support around the globe.

His style has always been a topic of conversation, however with this recent year, it has given Lewis the time to understand his music better and find inspiration and creative flow in the Indie-Pop genre. Which his recent song Never Stops, direction was taken in.

In this interview he opened up about his background, influences and what inspires him to create the music he does.

Buy ‘Never Stops’: