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Enter – DJ Earlino

DJ Earlino from Bedfordshire is another up and coming House and Tech House DJ currently making waves in the London and UK Deep House underground scene. After the downside of Covid he was forced to turn to production as a way of keeping himself busy and unleashing his creative side. Now he has recently released ‘Broomstick’, currently doing the rounds on SoundCloud and TuneSick

The list of events just keeps on growing, some of the recent gigs include Astoria, The House Effect, Karma and Little Red Arts. Catch him this Halloween dropping some trick or treats at The Hideaway, Friday 29th October 2021. 

TuneSick Music Blog Interview

TuneSick – Getting To Know Aspiring Artists

Originally from Hawaii, Lily Fausett is currently studying Film at university in London, United Kingdom. Coming from a musical family, she has always been passionate about music since a child, having been surrounded by various instruments and constantly listening to songs being played in the background. A lot of her early childhood was spent listening to her father play, watching in awe. This is evident in her admiration of live music today and in her music recording that she is currently doing. 

For Lily, who is also of Nigerian descent, music is definitely a massive form of ”escapism”, and more or less her medication, as it has helped her ”mentally with all sorts of life challenges.” Losing family is hard for anyone to deal with and having something to keep you going is something extremely valuable to hold onto. It’s definitely her go to place.

Watch the short video with Lily here.

Music Streaming TuneSick

End Of Beta Mode Coming Soon

After almost a year of development, building and testing the app we are now ready to roll it out full scale and offer the website and app with its full functionality.

The site will continue in its existing form, as a platform for hosting and providing all types of music and related streaming audio, and allowing users to connect with others. The app will do the same, whilst allowing greater scope of use.

1ST November is the official launch date of the service and we hope it continues to grow. All of the bugs and technical errors found previously should now be eliminated or at least minimised. We thank all those who have followed the journey and are grateful for your continued support.

Stay tuned on our blogs and social media outlets for the latest updates.

VYTL - Hathor

VYTL | Hathor

A new sound is emerging from VYTL’s sonic pallet and this is just the beginning. His new release ‘Hathor’ named after the Egyptian goddess of love features a deep relentless kick drum, filtered lead synth, catchy arpeggio and heartfelt profound vocals amongst a profusion of other instrumental sections contributing to the soundscape.

Listen to the new song here.

Countryside Born, UK city Living VYTL first built himself a name in the illegal rave and underground scene. Later on as VYTL started producing more frequently and combining his production and DJing into Live sets he found himself playing at more exclusive house and techno events and parties. VYTL has moved on to cover more public events and small-medium sized festivals but keeps a heavy foot in the underground scene.

VYTL is most well known for producing what he calls “Progressive Techno” and for his ability to feel and engage with the crowd that has been commented on in numerous occasions by his fans. VYTL tells us he has some very exciting new collaborations in the works and a handful of new singles in the pipeline as well as a new project he has been working on for a while and is looking forward to share.

Listen to the new song here.

TuneSick Meets… RasPeck

Reggae singer Raspeck and son SingJahlion are no ordinary father and son pair. The two are also united in their bond in music. RasPeck is talented and amazing experienced singer, with an equally talented son, in the form of SingJahlion.

Listening to both of them sing was a great feeling, and it’s rare to see this kind of thing, with both father and son. Check it out for yourself, you can listen to their music here, with their EP on the TuneSick website and mobile app.

P.S – Look out for the special TuneSIck interview with Raspeck, where we get to know him more, out on or around 11.09.21. We will also be meeting up and coming American Rapper Von Barz, who has some really hot music right now just released.