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Getting To Know Eris Herbert

We’ve covered a lot about Eris AKA DJ Pedz recently, after a short break away we can’t get enough of her and we’ll keep posting regular updates as we take you on the journey for the dj as she embarks on a djing career. 

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to meeting with Eris. In the most recent interview she shared that she’s working on a new mixtape to be released hopefully in the new year, as well as that she has been practicing rapping and mcing, something that has been a long ambition and passion for the artist. Growing up, she was inspired by the lights of artists such as Wiley, DJ EZ and most recently Flava D. You can see this translates into the sounds that Eris plays when mixing and we can’t wait to hear the net set, mix or rap that comes out. 

You can watch the special interview here.

RASPECK TuneSick Profile

TuneSick Meets… Raspeck (Full Interview)

The world of music is full of so many different and vibrant characters. Raspeck is one of them. Raspeck was inspired by his son to make music. When he was growing up he yearned for music, it was a passion that he never quite got enough of as a child, something that he does not want to repeat for his son. Not having as much music as he would of liked as a child has made him more and more determined to pass on his love and passion to his son SingJahlion.

As well as singing and performing Raspeck his also a producer and manages his own record label. In our recent interview he opened up about his love for music and what inspires him to push it, as well as his plans for the year ahead. Tune in to the full interview here.

Stream Raspeck in high res. 


Nineside: The New Album

After the Covid pandemic hit Nineside switched it up to music. As a fit athlete, he was actually training for the Olympics before this, but now the whole game has changed.

Born into a home with a taste for a variety of music, and an avid Gospel singing mother, he was engulfed around music from a young age. From gospel, to oldies and Mid 2000’s hip hop and R&B, to the sound of the new age, it’s all become an apparent influence in his work.

Working with A&R team BoomSound Factory, he has just released his new album ‘Smoke & Mirrors’, which has already clocked up tens of thousands of streams online.

Check out the new release here, and keep in touch with NineSide to watch the journey.

Lily Herbert Interview on TuneSick

After months of interviewing a range of different musicians, singers and DJ’s, it was time for Lily Herbert to change seats and be the one being interviewed. As an aspiring DJ herself, Lily has been working a lot over the past year, building her experience, connections and just generally slowly getting to grips with the whole music scene here in London. It has been a long and wild journey for Lily, to say the least.

The beginning of the journey saw a lot of practice, learning how to DJ and developing her mixing skills. The arrival of Covid and lockdown brought live events to a major halt and meant that opportunities for live performances were non-existent. However, this never stopped Lily – also known as DJ Pedz – from finding other ways to be creative and plan for when the lockdown finally ended. She contacted different venues, continued to work on her musical skills and even transformed her whole look, to get ready for when playing live would start up again.

Lily is back with a bang and look out for more to come from the artist, as she says in the video interview, there are gigs currently being planned as well as the possibility of producing some music as well. You can watch it here.