ShankleDip Interview on TuneSick

ShankleDip – Recording Artist & Grammy Dancer – Full Interview

RuffSide recently sat down with the ShankleDip team to discuss all things music.

ShankleDip has been causing some noise recently in the Dancehall scene in Jamaica and now in the UK. 

The name ShankleDip came from the ‘community slang’ that was branded around amongst friends, and quickly became popular. From a young age the artist has been performing, as early as school days. Dancing at concerts was something that really excited him, he would love to get up on stage and express his passion for music in dance. Artists such as Bob Marley were also instrumental in the development of his passion and love for Reggae and dance, and for music as a whole.

‘Being humble’ is just one of the things that helps to keep the man focused and positive. Find out more about the recording artist and Grammy dancer in the full interview below, find out what makes him stay humble, the 5 key ingredients…