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SawBoss Interview, Who Is SawBoss?

SawBoss has been doing music for a while. He first took it up 20 years ago, in 2001. During this time, he has collaborated with tens of dozens of artists, performed on stage and even bumped shoulders with names such as Beanie Man.

Right now SawBoss is hardly able to stand still, with an EP out and a new music video just released for the song What Is Love. He is one of many artists signed to the Gemini Management Records Label, headed up in his hometown Jamaica. 
One of his songs, ‘Fix Up’ is one of the more popular songs for SawBoss. It came about when he was asked to come up with a song for the ladies. His idea was to talk about the feeling you have when you sometimes want  a girl to act differently, in a better way, in order to be more attractive to him. This is all real life experience for him, something that he himself had experienced before. Everything that the artist produces is something that comes natural to him, from everyday experiences. 

As with a lot of other singers and producers, music is in the bloodline of SawBoss, with his father being a big musical influence on him. Ever since a kid this has been his passion, and this is clearly evident in everything he does. Look out for new music from SawBoss coming exclusively on TuneSick, check out the new single ‘What Is Love’ out now and for the full video interview press play below:

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