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Marketing Tips For Musicians

Marketing tips for musicians are way much more important than producing a piece of good music. What if a musician puts all his efforts to create good quality music, but it doesn’t get any fame? Of course, that will hurt the musician apart from the financial loss. 

So, marketing tips for musicians are important to know. The marketing of music decides whether the music will create its place in the hearts of the audience or not. As a musician, you have to promote your music strategically. If you are a musician and going to release your new album soon, you must need some marketing tips.

1.   What type of fan base do you have?

As a musician, your first step would be the determination of your fanbase. If you want to spread your music to the widest audience, you have to keep in mind what type of audience you have. There are many ways to know this.

Following we are discussing some tips for you to know this.

        i.            Your audience belongs to which place

        ii.            How old is your audience?

        iii.           How do they spend their online time?

All these tips will help you to rightly market your music. You can get the widest audience.

2.   Use social media as a marketing strategy

You can use social media to promote your music. Nowadays social media is the most suitable choice for your music marketing. Try to increase your followers on social media accounts.

Give your followers hints about your next project. Try to make them suspicious about your project. This is an important trick for music marketing.

3.   Cultivate a music community

You have to make your strong fanbase. For this purpose, always try to cultivate a strong music community around you. Always stay connected with your fans. Make a schedule to do live sessions with your fans.

Before releasing your music album, do several press conferences. Try to give regular updates to your followers and fans. This will increase the value of your project.

4.   Share your music albums to music blogs and press outlets

Before releasing your music, try to send the music albums to random music blogs and outlets. This will make your music get more coverage. A huge curiosity can be increased within your listeners. In this way, your music can be at top of the list.

5.   Radio campaign

If you can afford to invest in the promotion of your music, then invest. You can easily do this through a radio campaign. You have to spend some money on it according to the scale of your campaign. This is the best marketing strategy for musicians.

Final words

We have discussed the top important marketing tips for musicians. Now it depends on you to choose the most suitable ones for you. We ensure you that these are the key points for the promotion of your music. Go ahead, create good quality music, do good marketing of it and enjoy.

Good luck, cheers!


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Win A Free Night Out in Liverpool

Win a night out for two in Liverpool, with free hotel stary for the night and two tickets to the next Karma Music event on Friday 18th February 2022. We are giving two lucky party goers a chance to win this special prize, in partnership with Karma Music Events. Twl lucky winners will be able to experience all the city has to offer and enjoy a night of dancing away on us.

Karma Music Events is back for it’s second event at District, 61 Jordan Street in The Baltic Triangle, headlining Joshwa ‘Number 1 Release on Beatport Ft Lee Foss, My Humps) and with support from Eldon, Macrolev, Earlino, Dyl Poole, Foley, Dutch Schultz & R.E.M.A. This one is going to be huge, we can not wait to see you there!

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Good luck!

Philip Stevenson ft Emarie

Will You Call My Name – Remix Winner

The winner of the Philip Stevenson remix challenge has landed, listen to the official release by Flashing Lights Entertainment Records for yourself and dance along. Look out for the song to be released on other platforms later this week.

The contest was a close call, but in the end it came down to the one that was more suited to the music genre of House music. You can listen to the song in high res and download it to listen offline.

Thanks to all those who took part in the contest, look out for the next one coming soon. 

Payment For Streams

First of all we would like to wish everybody here a Happy new Year, and a good start to 2022.

TuneSick operates a completely transparent payment system when it comes to royalties for streams. Unlike other systems, our system is very simple and easy for everybody involved to understand. Every artist gets paid the same* standard rate for their streams, there is no difference, favoritism or bias when it comes to remuneration. We send out a monthly email statement to anybody who is due payment. Sometimes this goes direct to the artist or it goes direct to the record label or distributor responsible for them. The distributor or label will then forward any payments due, it’s as straightforward as that.

The rate of pay per stream works like an interest rate. The rate can fluctuate up and down each month, depending on the financial environment and financial situation of the company – just like interest rates go up and down depending on the state of the economy and other economic factors such as wages, prices and taxes. All of this works a bit like a music ecosystem, and is done to keep the platform going so that we can continue to afford to pay artists. However, one thing for sure is that the interest rate / rate of pay for streams will never go below a certain amount, no matter what. It can always go up and increase but it will never fall below a certain level, it is always kept like this in order to ensure artists receive a decent payout no matter what. It’s still early days, and there is still plenty of work that needs to be done in order to make music streaming more equitable, but this is just the start of something new.

More information about this can be found at the helpdesk.