About Us

We are your favorite, Music store.

TuneSick is a complete all-in-one ethical music streaming and sharing platform for musical artists to promote their sound and grow their fanbase. Through TuneSick artists can sell their music online and connect with listeners.


Artists – Create a profile and upload songs, apply to become an approved artist in just a couple of clicks.

Listeners – create your free account here and enjoy unlimited streaming. Upgrade to downloads songs and listen offline.



  1. Upload and have full control over your songs
  2. Monetize your streams and earn money from your songs
  3. Access a fair discovery system, that is not biased towards other musicians, everybody has a fair chance for discovery and visibility
  4. Dedicated 24/7 on site customer support


  1. Listen to songs in high res audio
  2. We respect your privacy, we don’t store or pass on any of your data. Only the bare essential and minimum – what is needed to run the site is used, nothing more.
  3. Dedicated 24/7 on site customer support.

Our People

Dilowar Hosen: All things tech and promotion. He takes care of promoting the site and working with users to provide the best possible service and experience.
Ghazi Owais. Our video, audio and image editor, and YouTube partner. Everybody here at TuneSick comes from a diverse background, we are all passionate about the arts and love what we do.