DJ DENZ TuneSick

DJ Denz – TuneSick Select

DJ Denz has grossed over 9 million streams across his social media channels for a range of big hitting remixes that have turned him into a bit of a social media star. Just some of the mashups include a cover of J Hus, one of Chris Brown and one featuring UK Grime artist Stormzy.

His mashups and remixes has caught the eyes of many listeners, including BBC Radio – where he featured and played a live mix recently.

It’s actually staggering for any DJ to just realize even a small fraction of the total streams he has reached. It can take an artist years to build up a huge following and rake up the number of listeners into the millions. In fact, this is the case for Denz, who has spent a lot of time, hard work and dedication growing his loyal fan base and creating music that quite frankly a lot of people really enjoy playing and listening to.

According to Denz, ”I’ve been doing this for about 7 years, promoting my name, keeping motivated and doing what I love, always stay motivated and stay creative.” Indeed, this is solid advice. The interview airs this Friday on our YouTube Select Podcast series.

DJ DENZ TuneSick

Introducing DJ Denz – Tunesick Select

We managed to catch him and sit down with him for an episode of Select, starting later this month. He told us about what has inspired him to do what he does and what he has planned for the year ahead. 

It’s actually staggering for any DJ to just realise even a small fraction of the total streams he has reached. His mashups and remixes has caught the eyes of many listeners, including BBC Radio – where he featured and played a live mix recently.

Look out for the episode, to be the first of the series, dropping on Friday 26th February on our YouTube channel. 

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20TH July We release the new mobile app.

Hope everybody has had a good weekend with restrictions being eased in lockdown.

We decided to push back the launch of the app from 1st July to the 20th because of the events with what was taking place with George. We have been working hard behind the scenes to get the app ready and we hope you will enjoy using it.

If you have any feedback please do contact us and we can look at any ideas you might have. Thank you in advance.

P.S: we will be giving away 150 $5 Amazon gift cad vouchers to the first 150 downloads, yes, look out for this!


Two Souls DJs – Out Now

South African Tropical & Soulful House music duo Two Souls have released some music for those who enjoy the more gentle and spiritual side of House music. With pianos, strings, congos and more, the songs are perfect for weekend relaxation, evening unwinding or getting ready to go out, there is a choice for any mood. Check out their songs here and stream or download for Premium users.

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New upgraded features for website coming soon

In in a few weeks time we unveil the new web player for TuneSick platform. A complete all in one stand alone player for you to browse, stream, download and upload quality music. We have already piloted it to a select small few, and received great feedback. Thanks to all those who have been patient, kindly waiting for its release. Even greater thanks to those who have been fortunate enough to try it out and keep it quiet!

New features include, custom playlist facility, where you can create your own playlist for ease of access.
New track commenting and liking feature.
Age restriction feature
Social login facility allowing easier login, we listened to you!
Album cover art feature and much more.

Keep peeled for the new platform when it comes soon, and let us know what you think, drop us a message via the site, or on social media.


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