TuneSick End of Year Review

Thousands of new users have signed up to the platform to listen to music uninterrupted and in the highest resolution. Listeners from all over the world have taken to the platform, particularly those from western Africa with countries such as Nigeria, Cameron and South Africa as well. 
The most popular genres are definitely Afrobeats and Dancehall, closely followed by Rap and R&B. Artists such as Shaadoh Session and Sol Stringer have proven popular with many listeners. 

Mobile users are certainly more common than desktop, with a massive 78% of all new visits coming from mobile. This reflects the ever changing world of technology and the constant need to keep things mobile. 

We also want to continue to try to support artists as much as we can, this is the key reason why this platform exists, to try to help provide a greater platform for independent artists. That’s why we ran competitions like the Philip Stevenson Remix challenge, with the winning song soon to be released. 
One thing is for sure is that we will carry on into year 2022 with even more work, now that we have come out of beta mode we are trying our best to roll the site and app out to full functionality. Everything should be up and running fine now the beta mode is over, and you can always keep updated on our Twitter feed for the latest.
Thank you so much for your continued support. 

Music streaming

YouTube Videos Now Available

You can now watch and upload / import your favourite music videos directly from YouTube, read on for more.

After much demand it is now possible to watch your favourite YouTube music videos directly on TuneSick, without even having to leave the site. Artists can now also import their songs from the platform, and get even more views for their videos. Our simple import feature allows you to simply enter the URL of your song and within a matter of seconds it is uploaded. As always, it is necessary that you have the permission and legal right when uploading any songs.

We’ve also added an events section to the website, so if you have any events you would like to promote you can take advantage of that with completely free unlimited listings. You can also sell tickets directly from the listing or redirect users to another ticket link if you so wish. For the best experience it is recommended that you use a computer when accessing the events page. 
Take a look now, please note, this is still in beta mode so there may be some technical issues, please bear with us over the next few weeks whilst we work on it.