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SawBoss Interview, Who Is SawBoss?

SawBoss has been doing music for a while. He first took it up 20 years ago, in 2001. During this time, he has collaborated with tens of dozens of artists, performed on stage and even bumped shoulders with names such as Beanie Man.

Right now SawBoss is hardly able to stand still, with an EP out and a new music video just released for the song What Is Love. He is one of many artists signed to the Gemini Management Records Label, headed up in his hometown Jamaica. 
One of his songs, ‘Fix Up’ is one of the more popular songs for SawBoss. It came about when he was asked to come up with a song for the ladies. His idea was to talk about the feeling you have when you sometimes want  a girl to act differently, in a better way, in order to be more attractive to him. This is all real life experience for him, something that he himself had experienced before. Everything that the artist produces is something that comes natural to him, from everyday experiences. 

As with a lot of other singers and producers, music is in the bloodline of SawBoss, with his father being a big musical influence on him. Ever since a kid this has been his passion, and this is clearly evident in everything he does. Look out for new music from SawBoss coming exclusively on TuneSick, check out the new single ‘What Is Love’ out now and for the full video interview press play below:

Philip Stevenson – A Look Into The Work & Life of An Award Winning Music Producer

Philip Stevenson is a French music producer encompassing a range of genres including Jazz, House and Soul. Starting from a very young age, he played the piano, went on to study music and even completed a degree in it.  Right now he is looking to take up music as his main line of work, after spending much time practising, he wants to turn his passion for music into a full time job. 

He is referred to as the ‘music professor’, after all the studies he has completed, and his wealth of experience not just studying but also performing. Being on the road he was part of a Jazz Fusion group, which involved a very demanding schedule. He talks about all the sorts of activities that kept him busy being on the road and not having enough hours in the day.

Inspiration comes naturally to Philip. Just being around nature, and taking in the environment is enough to motivate the songwriter to write lyrics, even just writing them down for future use. He talks about Michael Jackson being such a big influence to him, musically and also by lifestyle. Looking at their journey it is clear that they share the same love and drive, and will do whatever it takes to reach their goals. 

There’s a lot going on right now for the artist, as well as making hits (he currently has over 50 in the works), he is up for numerous awards and busy collaborating with other popular artists, he hopes to get signed and we hope so too. Check out the interview for all the info.

TuneSick Select Blog News

Getting To Know Eris Herbert

We’ve covered a lot about Eris AKA DJ Pedz recently, after a short break away we can’t get enough of her and we’ll keep posting regular updates as we take you on the journey for the dj as she embarks on a djing career. 

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to meeting with Eris. In the most recent interview she shared that she’s working on a new mixtape to be released hopefully in the new year, as well as that she has been practicing rapping and mcing, something that has been a long ambition and passion for the artist. Growing up, she was inspired by the lights of artists such as Wiley, DJ EZ and most recently Flava D. You can see this translates into the sounds that Eris plays when mixing and we can’t wait to hear the net set, mix or rap that comes out. 

You can watch the special interview here.

RASPECK TuneSick Profile

TuneSick Meets… Raspeck (Full Interview)

The world of music is full of so many different and vibrant characters. Raspeck is one of them. Raspeck was inspired by his son to make music. When he was growing up he yearned for music, it was a passion that he never quite got enough of as a child, something that he does not want to repeat for his son. Not having as much music as he would of liked as a child has made him more and more determined to pass on his love and passion to his son SingJahlion.

As well as singing and performing Raspeck his also a producer and manages his own record label. In our recent interview he opened up about his love for music and what inspires him to push it, as well as his plans for the year ahead. Tune in to the full interview here.

Stream Raspeck in high res. 

Lily Herbert Interview on TuneSick

After months of interviewing a range of different musicians, singers and DJ’s, it was time for Lily Herbert to change seats and be the one being interviewed. As an aspiring DJ herself, Lily has been working a lot over the past year, building her experience, connections and just generally slowly getting to grips with the whole music scene here in London. It has been a long and wild journey for Lily, to say the least.

The beginning of the journey saw a lot of practice, learning how to DJ and developing her mixing skills. The arrival of Covid and lockdown brought live events to a major halt and meant that opportunities for live performances were non-existent. However, this never stopped Lily – also known as DJ Pedz – from finding other ways to be creative and plan for when the lockdown finally ended. She contacted different venues, continued to work on her musical skills and even transformed her whole look, to get ready for when playing live would start up again.

Lily is back with a bang and look out for more to come from the artist, as she says in the video interview, there are gigs currently being planned as well as the possibility of producing some music as well. You can watch it here.

TuneSick Music Blog Interview

TuneSick – Getting To Know Aspiring Artists

Originally from Hawaii, Lily Fausett is currently studying Film at university in London, United Kingdom. Coming from a musical family, she has always been passionate about music since a child, having been surrounded by various instruments and constantly listening to songs being played in the background. A lot of her early childhood was spent listening to her father play, watching in awe. This is evident in her admiration of live music today and in her music recording that she is currently doing. 

For Lily, who is also of Nigerian descent, music is definitely a massive form of ”escapism”, and more or less her medication, as it has helped her ”mentally with all sorts of life challenges.” Losing family is hard for anyone to deal with and having something to keep you going is something extremely valuable to hold onto. It’s definitely her go to place.

Watch the short video with Lily here.

TuneSick Meets… RasPeck

Reggae singer Raspeck and son SingJahlion are no ordinary father and son pair. The two are also united in their bond in music. RasPeck is talented and amazing experienced singer, with an equally talented son, in the form of SingJahlion.

Listening to both of them sing was a great feeling, and it’s rare to see this kind of thing, with both father and son. Check it out for yourself, you can listen to their music here, with their EP on the TuneSick website and mobile app.

P.S – Look out for the special TuneSIck interview with Raspeck, where we get to know him more, out on or around 11.09.21. We will also be meeting up and coming American Rapper Von Barz, who has some really hot music right now just released.


Lily Herbert Music Interview Feature

As part of The TuneSick Select series, we caught up with Lily Herbert, the latest artist to be working with us. In the full interview – to be released in September – Lily, also known by the stage name DJ Pedz, talks about her musical journey so far, the highs and lows of how it’s been like to make it out as an up and coming DJ, and what’s next for her in the coming months ahead. Find out more about the Select series with Flashing Lights Entertainment.

Look out for the interview next month on TuneSick, we will also share a post here.

Follow Lily on Instagram here.

Iyahmedz Music Interview

TuneSick Select Presents… Iyahmedz – Regae and Dancehall Duo (Series 2 episode 10 of 12)

TuneSick Select Presents… Iyahmedz – Regae and Dancehall Duo (Series 2 episode 10 of 12).

Iyahmedz is a Reggae and Dancehall duo based in Jamaica. Managed by Gemini Records, their music has been popular both in Jamaica and here in the UK. The lead singer caught up with us to share some insight into their musical journey and plans for the future.

Connect with Iyahmedz on social media:

Listen to the interview here

Voodoo Bloo Music Blog

Voodoo Bloo Interview – TuneSick Select

Indie-rock project Voodoo Bloo has taken the New Zealand music scene by storm with its unique blend of hard-hitting sounds, emotional song writing and danceable distorted chaos.

Created and fronted by Rory McDonald (who many will remember from his days as the frontman of the rock band Lucifer Gunne), Voodoo Bloo is influenced by the likes of Arctic Monkeys and System of a Down, combined with the song writing style of Car Seat Headrest and Neutral Milk Hotel.

Sam caught up with him to find some time to discuss all things Voodoo and Rory. You can listen to the full interview here.