Nineside: The New Album

After the Covid pandemic hit Nineside switched it up to music. As a fit athlete, he was actually training for the Olympics before this, but now the whole game has changed.

Born into a home with a taste for a variety of music, and an avid Gospel singing mother, he was engulfed around music from a young age. From gospel, to oldies and Mid 2000’s hip hop and R&B, to the sound of the new age, it’s all become an apparent influence in his work.

Working with A&R team BoomSound Factory, he has just released his new album ‘Smoke & Mirrors’, which has already clocked up tens of thousands of streams online.

Check out the new release here, and keep in touch with NineSide to watch the journey.

VYTL - Hathor

VYTL | Hathor

A new sound is emerging from VYTL’s sonic pallet and this is just the beginning. His new release ‘Hathor’ named after the Egyptian goddess of love features a deep relentless kick drum, filtered lead synth, catchy arpeggio and heartfelt profound vocals amongst a profusion of other instrumental sections contributing to the soundscape.

Listen to the new song here.

Countryside Born, UK city Living VYTL first built himself a name in the illegal rave and underground scene. Later on as VYTL started producing more frequently and combining his production and DJing into Live sets he found himself playing at more exclusive house and techno events and parties. VYTL has moved on to cover more public events and small-medium sized festivals but keeps a heavy foot in the underground scene.

VYTL is most well known for producing what he calls “Progressive Techno” and for his ability to feel and engage with the crowd that has been commented on in numerous occasions by his fans. VYTL tells us he has some very exciting new collaborations in the works and a handful of new singles in the pipeline as well as a new project he has been working on for a while and is looking forward to share.

Listen to the new song here.

Million Dollars - Colin Whittaker Band

A Million Dollars The Colin Whittaker Band: Official Live Release

The Colin Whittaker Band has officially returned with this much awaited Soul Disco number. After their release of their popular hit ‘The Love Song’ last year, they have reunited and collaborated with lead vocal singer Cherie Gears, who featured on the last track.

The hit was popular across the globe, particularly in Germany, with thousands of streams and downloads and shares across the region.

The vocals of Cherie are a real standing out feature on this song, along with the smooth Piano chords and drum hits. It really does feel like we are back in the 70s with this track.

The track should also available to listen in high res audio on TuneSick, connect with the band online on YouTube and on their Instagram.

Gemini Management Distribution News

Daddy Don’t Cry By GravelBoss, Out Now

The re-mastered version of hit Daddy Don’t Cry is out now to stream. The original song was unofficially released last year and now it has been mastered and officially out exclusively on TuneSick, under Gemini Management Records.

The music on TuneSick is already all in high res, so any track on the platform sounds better and in higher quality than other plaforms, so the fact that it is re-mastered will even sound that much better.

It feels like it is a heartfelt summer Reggae anthem, be sure to listen to the full song here.

TuneSick Select Blog News

Final Episode Of Select Airing Soon

Exclusive interview with the one and only DJ Denz and DJ Frazzle, read on for more.

In the last episode of the series we will be hearing from two up and coming urban DJs who are making a name for themselves in the Drill, Hip Hop and Afrobeats music scene in London. 

DJ Denz has amassed tens of millions of streams online with his range of Drill and Rap mashups. He’s been featured on BBC 1Xtra and has performances booked throughout the summer and beyond. This will be the second meeting with him, after we interviewed back in February earlier in the year. 

DJ Frazzle has also been making a name of himself remixing hits like The Weekend and Central Cee. He’s been busy hosting radio shows and slowly growing his fanbase online, currently taking bookings and doing what he loves most, making people dance. 

The final episode will air in September, look out for it on our site and YouTube channel.

King Jay Da Blountman Cover Photo

King Jay Da Blountman – Now Available To Stream

Jerry Bount JR, has been a star since he was born on August 29th 1992, in St Agustine, FL. Now known in the game as King Jay The Blountman, he is slowly taking over his new stomping grounds in Florida and has plans to take over the world.

His childhood hobbies consisted of skating, which he still practices to this day. He grew up playing with the drums and piano froma very early age, being around a musical family certainly helped him to become who he is today.

Fast forward to today and to his new releases, with hits like Empower slowly making ground. He has been played on radio stations like Bombay Hott Radio and London Hott Radio, in partnership with Boomsound LLC. 

Stream King Jay now online in the mobile app or website. 

Music Streaming TuneSick

TuneSick IOS App Now Available In The App Store

After months of developing and building our mobile app for IOS we can happily reveal that it is finally completed and has just officially been released into the Apple app store. We know how important it is to have the app available on the Apple platform and so it is a big relief for us to finally have it published for all users.

Enjoy tens of thousands of songs with more to come from a range of up and coming artists across the globe – in high res audio. Download songs, create playlists, connect with others and earn points simply for using the platform. 

The app is still in its infancy and so you may experience technical problems occasionally, please kindly bear with us and report any defects or bugs that you experience by sending us a message through the website or app. 

You can send us a direct message here also with any feedback and we will happily review and consider it. 

Download the IOS mobile app here.

Beast Anglia Event Flyer

Beast Anglia Entertainment – Saturday 17th July 2021

This Saturday welcomes another round of Beast Anglia Rap Battles. A whole bunch of MC’s and UK Rappers will come together to fight it out against one another. Each round pit’s one Rapper against another, with only one being able to go through to the next.

It promises to be another showstopper featuring event co-founder founder Nick Kelly as well as other major bouts. Stay tuned over the course of this weekend as we share parts of the event, you can keep informed via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

Follow Beast Anglia Entertainment on YouTube

Music streaming

Music Distribution

There has never been an easier way to get your music uploaded onto TuneSick.

If you are looking for a hassle free way to get your music uploaded then why not use one of the approved distributors we work with and also have your songs uploaded onto all other major streaming outlets. Using this option also allows you to easily monetize your songs so you can start earning money from your streams. 

Benefits of having your music on TuneSick:

. Your music being played in high res

. Earn more from your streams with higher monetization rates

. Complete transparency and openness

. Increased exposure for your music

Visit Gemini Management

Visit Flashing Lights Entertainment 

Gemini Management Distribution News

Gemini Management Distribution For Artists

Gemini Management Records has just recently signed an agreement to become an official distributor for the new up and coming music streaming platform TuneSick. This will make Gemini one of only a small handful of officially approved distributors of the new music outlet.

Gemini Management, run by epitomized label boss Shamaro Mason, encompasses record label management, distribution and music promotion. Headquartered in Jamaica, the company already has a growing list of new artists signing up and hope that this new partnership will help fuel the growth of both companies.

Shamaro said she was ‘very excited’ to be working with such an innovative and highly reputable company that positions itself on being the ‘ethical’ alternative for those who want a more holistic and dedicated approach to promoting their music.

Around 25,000 downloads and users have signed up to the TuneSick platform so far despite it still being in beta mode. According to TuneSick the beta mode will officially come to an end in November. They will then decide whether to continue with the rollout of the service or what the next step would be.

Earlier in the year it was reported that TuneSick was in the very early stages of acquiring Indian based streaming platform Tumdah. However, this did not happen as talks did not reach past initial stages. It will be interesting to see how this new partnership works out for both entities, we will be keeping posted over the next few months for sure. 

Original article can be found here