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The biggest myth going round now: ”you don’t need a record label to make it”.

It’s being said more and more often. ‘You don’t need a record label to make it as an artist’. Almost everywhere people are saying that you do not need a record label to make it big in the music industry. Everywhere on social media, I am seeing posts that the days of the record label are ‘gone’, and you can now make it big on your own, as an ‘independent’ musician.

Unfortunately I do not believe this is the case and neither will the latest set of financial accounts for the big 5 major labels who recently reported higher profits.

The key word here is ‘big’. If you want to make it as a regular, mediocre artist, and simply survive in the music game, doing a few gigs a year and barely making the same salary as a top level ranking Police officer then sure, it is possible to make it independently, without the need of a label. In fact, there are many people doing this, and if this is enough for you then of course, it works. But if you want to make it ‘big’, as in selling out gigs for 200+ days a year, attending numerous events, becoming an influencer and earning at least a six figure salary then I am afraid to say you will need the assistance of a big label. 

You see, you can’t get access to certain playlists, events, features, sponsorship deals, celebrities, shows and more without the right connection, let alone the money. You need at least $50k minimum to really make an impact. Actually, the rise of social media has made it so much easier to make it in the music world without having to get help, but only a few really make it big relying on just social media alone. And even if they do make it, most of them end up turning to a record label at the end anyway, as they know this is what they will need to sustain their ascent and grow their exposure even further. 

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TuneSick Beta Mode Ending 1.11.21

After a year of preparing the app and testing it for full release we are now pleased to announce that the beta phase will end and full functionality of the app will run from 1st November 2021. It may take a few days after the 1st for all changes to completely take effect. 
What the new rollout essentially means is that you will be able to access a few more features that were restricted or non-existent before. Reported bugs have now also been fixed and the whole look and feel should be smoother and a whole more seamless. 
Some of the key new features include making it easier to purchase songs, the ability to tag others when uploading songs, commenting on blog posts and multiple options for payments (Stripe and PayPal). Some bugs such as problems with uploading an album have also been removed. A new update containing the latest version of the app with all the features should be live in the Google Play store within the next few days; we hope you enjoy using the app and welcome any feedback you have.


Mike Pennino – The New Album

The new album from the Christian Rap singer has landed, read on to find out more about the story behind it.

Mike Pennino is a New Jersey native living in North Carolina who loves Jesus, people, and hip-hop. On a new transformative musical journey, his goal is to help people experience the power and glory of Jesus.

Before heading to college he stumbled upon Christian Hip-hop, which led to reading the New Testament for the first time. This eventually led Mike to understanding why Jesus came to earth, died on the cross, and rose from the dead. Jesus did all of it in order to free us from our sins, heal us, and reconcile us back to God.

When it finally clicked for Mike, he was all in and placed his faith in Jesus. Long story short… God won his heart and saved him.

Since then Mike graduated from UNCP and released his first mix tape Absolute Reality in 2016. On January 2021, Mike released his new single Just A Glimpse. Every song or piece of art shows us a glimpse of the artist. On Just A Glimpse Mike gives the listener just a glimpse of himself, his life, and what Jesus has done. And more importantly, it’s Mike’s hope that in every song he makes that the listener would be able to get just a glimpse of the One who made them, loves them, died for them, and rose from the dead. To hear this wonderful good news!

So Mike is pulling no punches when it comes to sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly in life. Being real and transparent because Mike wants his music to help people. To help people have a relationship with God, help people overcome their struggles, help people heal, and help people become who they were made to truly be. Listen to Mike Pennino on the TuneSick player now.

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End Of Beta Mode Coming Soon

After almost a year of development, building and testing the app we are now ready to roll it out full scale and offer the website and app with its full functionality.

The site will continue in its existing form, as a platform for hosting and providing all types of music and related streaming audio, and allowing users to connect with others. The app will do the same, whilst allowing greater scope of use.

1ST November is the official launch date of the service and we hope it continues to grow. All of the bugs and technical errors found previously should now be eliminated or at least minimised. We thank all those who have followed the journey and are grateful for your continued support.

Stay tuned on our blogs and social media outlets for the latest updates.

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TuneSick Podcasts To Be Rolled Out Soon

After months of careful preparation we have finally completed the development of our new podcast app. The new app will still provide loads of songs and new music but it will be specifically tailored for podcasts, allowing users to listen to a range of shows from a wide variety of sources.

The next few months will now just involve us testing the app internally to help fix any bugs and make sure it is finally ready for release. After that is complete, we will then begin the rollout nationally.

We look forward to sharing the new features with you; to get the most of all the features we have to offer and never miss an update, follow us on our socials on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

TuneSick Select Meets… Shaadoh Session

Her album has already just been released and is available to stream now, get to know Shaadoh Session.

Born in Jacksonville Florida, Shaadoh Session is known for her subtle, delicate yet soulful tones, inspired by her mother who is a powerhouse vocalist Candee, who has also experienced the music industry while Shaadoh was just a little girl. The R&B singer began writing and singing as early as eight years old. She is managed by Risky Bizness Ent, headed by CEO Alfonsa Riley. In this interview she sat down with our CEO to discuss all things music related. Her album has already just been released and is available to stream online here.

How To Create A Music Playlist

How to create a song playlist on TuneSick on your computer / desktop PC.

  1. Click Playlist at the left hand side
  2. Click ‘Create Playlist’ at the top right hand side of the page
  3. Choose a name and add a photo and then you can start adding songs to your playlist. Whenever you see a song you like you can click on the link just above it and add it to whatever playlist you have.

You can add unlimited songs, and set your playlist to public or private, and away you go.

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TuneSick BLM Fundraiser Live Stream

Friday 2nd April, 6.30pm (UK time), Facebook Live stream.

It’s almost one year since the tragic and appalling death of African American George Floyd at the hands of a white Police officer.
Whist a lot has been done to implement change there still remains a lot to do and a year on, it kind of feels like the initial buzz that was sparked has fizzled out. We want to help keep it going and what better way is there than by performing music.
On 9th April we will be hosting a live virtual stream event right here from the office. Tune in and please help support such a great cause.

Jak Lewis
Up and coming Artist Jak Lewis, has been creating a stir online with his new release Never Stops.
His online support has grown massively in America and within the UK, and has shown that there is increasing support around the globe.
Lewis has had some incredible success in his short career so far, he has performed on the likes of BBC Spotlight Southwest, Bristol stages once held by the likes of Ed Sheeran and George Ezra and not to mention opening up for Lee Nelson. So far, during the short time of his career, he has performed an impressive amount of venues in and around London, Devon, Cornwall and Bristol. Uniquely, Dartmoor Zoo, featured on BBC Spotlight Southwest with his original song Promise and being selected to the second round of The Voice with his original song ‘Promise’.

Terra Lox
The revolutionary artist Gary Prince formerly Gary Tennant AKA Prince Terralox through the streets and his music, takes you on an exciting and intimate journey of how he discovered and blossomed into the artist and musician he is today. The significance of Terra’s art and music inputs into the wider world of people and gives an elemental education which not only informs but entertains and even challenges viewers to action as a good activist should.

More about the event can be seen here.

Show your support for such a good cause, we hope to see you there.

Pretti Emage Music

TuneSick Select Meets… Pretti Emage

They’ve got their calendar full for the year, and they’re releasing hits left right center.

Pretty Emage / Risky Bizness LLC 2021 All rights reserved.

Managed by Risky Bizness LLC, up and coming female Rap and R&B duo Prettie Emage managed to spare 20 minutes of their time to give us an insight into their life, their music inspiration and what they’ve got planned for the year ahead. Watch out for Pretti and look out for future events they’ve got planned.

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