Iyahmedz Music Interview

TuneSick Select Presents… Iyahmedz – Regae and Dancehall Duo (Series 2 episode 10 of 12)

TuneSick Select Presents… Iyahmedz – Regae and Dancehall Duo (Series 2 episode 10 of 12).

Iyahmedz is a Reggae and Dancehall duo based in Jamaica. Managed by Gemini Records, their music has been popular both in Jamaica and here in the UK. The lead singer caught up with us to share some insight into their musical journey and plans for the future.

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Gemini Management Distribution News

Gemini Management Distribution For Artists

Gemini Management Records has just recently signed an agreement to become an official distributor for the new up and coming music streaming platform TuneSick. This will make Gemini one of only a small handful of officially approved distributors of the new music outlet.

Gemini Management, run by epitomized label boss Shamaro Mason, encompasses record label management, distribution and music promotion. Headquartered in Jamaica, the company already has a growing list of new artists signing up and hope that this new partnership will help fuel the growth of both companies.

Shamaro said she was ‘very excited’ to be working with such an innovative and highly reputable company that positions itself on being the ‘ethical’ alternative for those who want a more holistic and dedicated approach to promoting their music.

Around 25,000 downloads and users have signed up to the TuneSick platform so far despite it still being in beta mode. According to TuneSick the beta mode will officially come to an end in November. They will then decide whether to continue with the rollout of the service or what the next step would be.

Earlier in the year it was reported that TuneSick was in the very early stages of acquiring Indian based streaming platform Tumdah. However, this did not happen as talks did not reach past initial stages. It will be interesting to see how this new partnership works out for both entities, we will be keeping posted over the next few months for sure. 

Original article can be found here

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Alkyda Music

New music is being dropped from Jamaican artist Alkyda, part of the Gemini Management record label.

If you have not heard of Alkyda yet then it is only a matter of time before you do. His earlier hit ‘Sober’ has been popular across social media racking up thousands of streams. He is now due to release new music, as well as an official video for Sober. Stay tuned on his profile and on the TuneSick platform for tons of music coming from Alkyda and the rest of the Gemini Records gang. 

Listen to the track here.