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TuneSick Beta Mode Ending 1.11.21

After a year of preparing the app and testing it for full release we are now pleased to announce that the beta phase will end and full functionality of the app will run from 1st November 2021. It may take a few days after the 1st for all changes to completely take effect. 
What the new rollout essentially means is that you will be able to access a few more features that were restricted or non-existent before. Reported bugs have now also been fixed and the whole look and feel should be smoother and a whole more seamless. 
Some of the key new features include making it easier to purchase songs, the ability to tag others when uploading songs, commenting on blog posts and multiple options for payments (Stripe and PayPal). Some bugs such as problems with uploading an album have also been removed. A new update containing the latest version of the app with all the features should be live in the Google Play store within the next few days; we hope you enjoy using the app and welcome any feedback you have.

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TuneSick IOS App Now Available In The App Store

After months of developing and building our mobile app for IOS we can happily reveal that it is finally completed and has just officially been released into the Apple app store. We know how important it is to have the app available on the Apple platform and so it is a big relief for us to finally have it published for all users.

Enjoy tens of thousands of songs with more to come from a range of up and coming artists across the globe – in high res audio. Download songs, create playlists, connect with others and earn points simply for using the platform. 

The app is still in its infancy and so you may experience technical problems occasionally, please kindly bear with us and report any defects or bugs that you experience by sending us a message through the website or app. 

You can send us a direct message here also with any feedback and we will happily review and consider it. 

Download the IOS mobile app here.

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TuneSick Podcasts To Be Rolled Out Soon

After months of careful preparation we have finally completed the development of our new podcast app. The new app will still provide loads of songs and new music but it will be specifically tailored for podcasts, allowing users to listen to a range of shows from a wide variety of sources.

The next few months will now just involve us testing the app internally to help fix any bugs and make sure it is finally ready for release. After that is complete, we will then begin the rollout nationally.

We look forward to sharing the new features with you; to get the most of all the features we have to offer and never miss an update, follow us on our socials on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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20TH July We release the new mobile app.

Hope everybody has had a good weekend with restrictions being eased in lockdown.

We decided to push back the launch of the app from 1st July to the 20th because of the events with what was taking place with George. We have been working hard behind the scenes to get the app ready and we hope you will enjoy using it.

If you have any feedback please do contact us and we can look at any ideas you might have. Thank you in advance.

P.S: we will be giving away 150 $5 Amazon gift cad vouchers to the first 150 downloads, yes, look out for this!