IT’s Time To Know More About JPLovesIt

“Be open to criticism, Be true to yourself and make moves like the “G” in lasagna (silent)” -JPLovesIt

JPLovesIt is a world-inspired singer-songwriter hailing from Los Angeles, California.

Born in Port Au Prince, Haiti, JPLovesIt fell in love with distinctive Haitian music such as Konpa. Her family also immersed her in a diverse array of genres, such as Salsa, Bolero, and zouk, to mention but a few.

One of the artist’s main inspirations in her career is the people around her that doubted her talent, skill, and motivation. She always had supportive friends and family that encouraged her to come out of her shell and explore into her natural ability. Now, she is proving the naysayers wrong. JPLovesIt is a rising star whose name is on everyone’s lips. Her music is emotional, visceral, and powerful.