TuneSick End of Year Review

Thousands of new users have signed up to the platform to listen to music uninterrupted and in the highest resolution. Listeners from all over the world have taken to the platform, particularly those from western Africa with countries such as Nigeria, Cameron and South Africa as well. 
The most popular genres are definitely Afrobeats and Dancehall, closely followed by Rap and R&B. Artists such as Shaadoh Session and Sol Stringer have proven popular with many listeners. 

Mobile users are certainly more common than desktop, with a massive 78% of all new visits coming from mobile. This reflects the ever changing world of technology and the constant need to keep things mobile. 

We also want to continue to try to support artists as much as we can, this is the key reason why this platform exists, to try to help provide a greater platform for independent artists. That’s why we ran competitions like the Philip Stevenson Remix challenge, with the winning song soon to be released. 
One thing is for sure is that we will carry on into year 2022 with even more work, now that we have come out of beta mode we are trying our best to roll the site and app out to full functionality. Everything should be up and running fine now the beta mode is over, and you can always keep updated on our Twitter feed for the latest.
Thank you so much for your continued support. 

Music Streaming TuneSick

End Of Beta Mode Coming Soon

After almost a year of development, building and testing the app we are now ready to roll it out full scale and offer the website and app with its full functionality.

The site will continue in its existing form, as a platform for hosting and providing all types of music and related streaming audio, and allowing users to connect with others. The app will do the same, whilst allowing greater scope of use.

1ST November is the official launch date of the service and we hope it continues to grow. All of the bugs and technical errors found previously should now be eliminated or at least minimised. We thank all those who have followed the journey and are grateful for your continued support.

Stay tuned on our blogs and social media outlets for the latest updates.

Music Streaming TuneSick

20TH July We release the new mobile app.

Hope everybody has had a good weekend with restrictions being eased in lockdown.

We decided to push back the launch of the app from 1st July to the 20th because of the events with what was taking place with George. We have been working hard behind the scenes to get the app ready and we hope you will enjoy using it.

If you have any feedback please do contact us and we can look at any ideas you might have. Thank you in advance.

P.S: we will be giving away 150 $5 Amazon gift cad vouchers to the first 150 downloads, yes, look out for this!



We Gave Away A Special Prize – Winner Announced

A big shout out to @lamborghinislypage who won our Corona Comp giveaway that we announced back in March. We had so many entries and such a big talent pool here but unfortunately only one could scoop up the prize.

Thank you once more to all the entrants and for getting involved, so you don’t miss out on anymore please do subscribe here for all the latest. We look forward to the next competition we announce very soon. Stay active on all socials and please keep safe whist the lock-down continues.

TuneSick YouTube

Our new partnership with YouTube Music has enabled us to add videos of new releases and tracks to the YouTube platform, where artists can gain more exposure and monetize any music that is played via the YouTube platform. The channel will host a range of tracks from the artists on TuneSick, plus a few selected elsewhere. The main draw will be the new TuneSick Select Live TV series that will commence from the end of next month. The series will feature a host of intimate one – to -one interviews with a range of up and coming artists from all over as well as live short DJ sets from the same. Keep on the lookout and be sure to subscribe now so you don’t miss a thing, see you there!